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Apera Instruments PC60 Premium Multiparameter (pH/EC/TDS/Salinity/Temp) Pocket Tester Kit
PC60 Premium Multiparameter (pH/EC/TDS/Salinity/Temp) Pocket Tester
800.00 Grams
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PC60 Premium Multiparameter (pH/EC/TDS/Salinity/Temp) Pocket Tester
PC60 Premium Multiparameter (pH/EC/TDS/Salinity/Temp) Pocket Tester Kit
PC60 Premium Multiparameter (pH/EC/TDS/Salinity/Temp) Pocket Tester Probe
PC60 Premium Multiparameter (pH/EC/TDS/Salinity/Temp) Pocket Tester Calibration
PC60 Premium Multiparameter (pH/EC/TDS/Salinity/Temp) Pocket Tester Replaceable Probe
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Product Description

The Apera Instruments PC60 Multi-parameter Tester simply tests pH, EC, TDS, Salinity and Temperature in an ACCURATE, QUICK and Professional manner for all kinds of regular water solutions such as hydroponics, aquaculture, pools and spas, tap/drinking water, water treatment, cooling towers, etc.


The multi-parameter probe is replaceable. 1 to 3 points of Auto Calibration and 0 to 50˚C Auto Temperature Compensation (ATC), ±0.01 pH, ±1% F.S, 0.5˚C accuracy with -2.00 to 16.00 pH and 0 to 20.00 millisecond/cm measuring range, auto recognition and reminders of stable values improves consistency, saving you the trouble of guessing when to manually hold measurement (auto hold function available).


Easy menu setting, customizing your tester’s functions according to your needs.


Smart self-diagnosis, warning of out-of-range measurement and incorrect calibrations.


IP67 waterproof and dustproof, floating on water so you don’t have to worry if it falls into water by accident.


Up to 2000 hours' continuous operation (without backlit) powered by AAA batteries (with low power warning and auto power off in 8 min if no operation).


Comes with a complete kit of premixed calibration solutions (4.00 and 7.00), soaking solutions (3M KCL), calibration bottles, AAA batteries and a lanyard all in a portable carrying case.


The meter is CE certified (6 months for the probe).


The company designs and manufactures scientific analytical instruments like meters and sensors for pH, conductivity, turbidity and dissolved oxygen for over 25 years and meets ISO 9001:2008 Standards.


NOTES: The instrument will NOT give accurate or stable readings for distilled or deionized water's pH testing (conductivity testing works well in distilled water). This is because distilled and deionized water do not have enough ions present for the electrode to function properly in pH measuring. To measure distilled or deionized water’s pH, users need to use a specialized pH electrode.


Do NOT store the probe in distilled water or deionized water because they will cause damage to the glass membrane of the pH probe. Only use distilled water for cleaning the pH probe.


Technical Specifications and Main Features:

  • Accuracy: ±0.01 pH; ±1% F.S; ±0.5˚C.
  • Range: -2.00 to 16.00 pH; 0 to 20.00 mS/cm; 0 ppm to 10.00 ppt.
  • Auto calibration (automatically recognise 5 types of pH buffer solutions).
  • Easy switch among different parameters.
  • Auto-Hold Function available.
  • 0 to 50˚C ATC.
  • Powered by AAA batteries.

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What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a filtration method that removes many types of large molecules and ions from solutions by applying pressure to the solution when it is on one side of a selective membrane. The result is that the solute is retained on the pressurized side of the membrane and the pure solvent is allowed to pass to the other side.

Reverse osmosis is most commonly known for its use in drinking water purification from seawater, removing the salt and other substances from the water molecules.

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