1 Litre Purolite C107E Heavy Metal Removal Resin

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Purolite C107E has excellent selectivity for heavy metals and can be used as an economic medium in the removal of trace quantities of toxic metals from water.

Purolite C107E is a high purity, high capacity polyacrylic weak-acid cation exchanger developed to treat water for potable use. This resin is especially used for the removal of bicarbonate alkalinity in water treatment, showing excellent uptake of alkaline earth metals in a relatively short contact time for this type of resin. Its major use is in the dealkalization and softening of waters. The treatment produces carbon dioxide from the bicarbonates in the feed supply. This imparts a pleasant taste to the treated water, while at the same time achieving hardness reduction and a lower pH which largely eliminates the potential for scum or scale formation when using the water for domestic purposes or in the processing of food and beverages. This product has also been used to selectively recover transition metals from aqueous solutions. Quantity 1000ml

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