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Flow restrictors restrict the flow of reject or wastewater and are used to maintain a high pressure inside the RO membrane housing by creating back pressure on the membrane. The flow restrictor also controls the recovery ratio of the membrane. If a flow restrictor is not used then water coming from the water supply will flow unrestricted from the waste outlet of the Reverse Osmosis membrane, this will result in low pressure inside the membrane housing and very little, if any, produced water.

Flow restrictors are available in different flow ratings and must be properly sized according to the capacity of the membrane to maintain the recommended ratio of pure to reject water.

The ratings that you see on flow restrictors, like FR 420, FR 500, FR 800, indicate the flow rate, in mL per minute (Millilitres Per Minute).

When to Change the Flow Restrictor?

We recommend flow restrictors should be replaced every time an RO membrane is replaced, this is because over time, like RO membrane and filters, flow restrictors can also get clogged due to scale build-up. This is particularly important in hard water areas.

You should also replace the flow restrictor if adding a second RO membrane or if a different capacity RO membrane is fitted to your RO System.

This flow restrictor is for use on Osmotics systems or systems with Membranes purchased from Osmotics, whilst the restrictor will work on other systems we take no responsibility for incompatibility. Fitting the incorrect flow restrictor will damage your membrane and/or reduce the product water flow. 

If you require assistance selecting the correct membrane flow restrictor or cannot find the correct one for your system please contact the support team at support@osmotics.co.uk


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