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Composite Filtration Cylinder 4.6 litre

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Where high-capacity,low-cost filtration with resins and loose carbons is required, the use of pressure vessels is a common option.New to the Osmotics range are a series of vessels with a PE liner reinforced with fibreglass and epoxy resin meeting strict potable water standards. A range of capacities are available, please contact us if you need a higher capacity vessel.

The pressure vessel assembly consists of a 2 1/2 Inch threaded cap with 3/4 Inch inlet and outlet ports fitted with Hozelock style quick connectors. An upper screen, riser and lower screen ensure a uniform distribution of water through the media.


Dimensions of housing without distributor cap are 6 Inch diameter x 13 Inch height.

  • Our exchange cylinders are supplied empty but can be used for the removal of impurities using granular or resin based filtration such as Ion Exchange Resin or Granular Activated Carbon.

  • Can be used after a standard anion / cation demineraliser or reverse osmosis equipment as a polisher.

  • Can be used to clean a raw water supply or can be used as an add on system to produce extra pure water.

  • These units can be used in series to achieve very high quality water, at the same time making maximum use of the resin capacity.

  • Can be used for many applications such as, window cleaning, aquarium deionisation, phosphate, nitrate and iron removal using selective filtration mediums.
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