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Eco-Ultra-Pure 5 Stage 150 Gallon Per Day RODI System

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Produce up to 570 litres per day of Pure water for virtually any application with this 5-Stage RO System.

  • Features high capacity 10” Sediment and Carbon Filters
  • High capacity post membrane Deionisation stage guarantees 0ppm TDS
  • Rejects up to 99.8% of water born contaminants, bacteria and viruses (See Technical Specs tab)
  • Unique recycling configuration, reduce waste water by upto 50% over single membrane systems
  • Pre-assembled, all you need to do is insert the filters and connect to a water supply and drain point
  • Guaranteed reduction in Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
  • Produces pure Drinking Water, no more plastic bottles!
  • Eliminate scale build up in your appliances, reducing energy and damage
  • Eliminate hard water spots when rinsing your car after washing it
  • Eliminate streaks on your windows when window cleaning
  • Ideal for your aquarium, no more collecting heavy and expensive water

Based on our class leading Ultra-Pure Reverse Osmosis units, this RO system recycles waste through additional membrane(s) to reduce waste by up to 50% whilst producing water at much faster rates thereby conserving water. 

In common with our upgrade kits, our trials have shown that adding a second or even third membrane to your current system will reduce the waste by up to 50% and pure water production rates will increase by up to 95%.

Please note that ideal conditions are required to achieve best possible performance, your feed water must have a pressure of at least 60psi and sufficient flow to support 5 times the total membrane rating. A booster pump is advised to get the most from these systems, contact us before purchasing to ensure you select the correct booster pump for the system you wish to purchase.


Based on our full size Ultra-Pure Reverse Osmosis systems with a full size 10 Inch Deionisation stage which makes it ideal for aquariums, window cleaning, car washing and many more applications requiring ultra-pure water. Now with Free pressure gauge as standard.

This full size system has superior pre-filtration due to its large 10Inch filters and also includes a membrane flush system which reduces membrane fouling thereby extending life.

This RO system will remove almost 100% of tap water contaminants due to the additional full size deionisation stage.

The Osmotics RO system includes:-

  • 2 x 75 US gallon per day membrane
  • 1 x 5 micron Sediment Pre-filter
  • 1 x Carbon Block Pre-filter
  • 1 x 700ml Deionisation Post-filter (resin included)
  • 1 x Feed Water Clamp
  • 1 x Waste Water Clamp
  • 1 x Filter Housing Wrench
  • 2 Metres of Red Tubing
  • 2 Metres of Green Tubing
  • 2 Metres of Blue Tubing
  • 1 x Membrane Flush Kit *
  • 1 x Pressure Gauge

* Using the flush valve regularly increases membrane life.

All Osmotics Reverse Osmosis Systems are shipped fully assembled with comprehensive instruction manuals available to download from the product attachments tab, customers also have the added benefit of email support round the clock.

To install the RO system, all you need to do is remove the protective packaging from the filters, insert the membrane(s) and connect your RO system to a water supply and drain. Each tubing connection has a convenient label attached which denotes where it should be connected to, it really is that simple!

The effectiveness and productivity of RO systems increases with greater water pressure and temperature. The actual flow rate (in GPD) of any reverse osmosis system depends on your home water pressure and temperature.

While manufacturers state that 60 psi is required at the membrane for full production, we know that not everyone's cold water is at 60 psi and 77 degrees F therefore, we remind you that you might get less than 150 GPD, perhaps 50% or even less if your pressure and temperature are very low!

So when flow rate is critical for you, you need to consider all these factors.

All RO units should have their prefilters changed every 6 months or 2500gallons throughput, whichever comes sooner. The prefilters protect the membrane from sediment and chlorine which will damage the most expensive element. 

The Deionisation stage may need refilling more regularly than the prefilters, it depends entirely on how your unit is performing and how much water you produce. 

More Information
Filter Size 2.5 x 10 Inch Water Filters
GPD Rating 150 Gallons Per Day
Tube Size 1/4" Tube
Manufacturer Osmotics
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